“The Misplaced Affections of Charlotte Fforbes is as wry and endearing as her two previous novels and continues to explore the lives of their characters from the perspective of new, and just as idiosyncratic, narrators… She has a knack for odd imagery that is humorous and evocative and I found this novel as much fun as its predecessors.” Dr Cushla McKinney, Otago Daily Times.


Some of the characters in Robertson’s two previous books are found within the pages of her latest offering, plus there are some new ones, each adding a huge load of depth and character to a book which is bound to bounce right up the bestseller ranks before too long. If you are a fan of Catherine Robertson, this is a must read. If you don’t know the author, best you discover her quick-smart and look forward to enjoying what is a great read with her exciting new novel and start scouting around for the earlier two. Great reading, thoroughly enjoyable.” Jacquie Webby, Oamaru Mail.


“The sheer naughtiness of Charlotte is part of the book’s appeal, along with trademark Robertson wit, sharp observations on parenting and less-than-perfect children, and the welcome return of characters from her delightful debut, The Sweet Second Life of Darrell Kincaid. If, like me, you want a bit of grit with your chick lit-style entertainment, it’s time you discovered Catherine Robertson.” Sonya Rowell, Your Weekend magazine.


“What elevates this novel is Robertson’s clever and witty writing style.” Canvas magazine.

“An earthy, authentic tale of love and loss. Robertson has built on her reputation as a writer of great romantic comedy.” Kerre McIvor


The Not So Perfect Life of Mo Lawrence is as quirky, funny and unafraid to puncture pretension as Michelle herself. How can you help but enjoy a story in which a person can be cut from a cloth that is ‘the kind of synthetic, flocked upholstery fabric that felt like hell against your skin but which would wear until the crack of doom. And which matched the curtains’?” Otago Daily Times.


It would be a disservice to refer to Robertson’s work as “chick lit” unless that means wickedly funny, clever and well-written. Although the book is a very entertaining read, it is by no means light and fluffy.” Tiffany Matsis, Booksellers New Zealand ‘We Love Books’ blog.


Catherine Robertson is a genius. If only more ‘chick-lit’ were this intelligent, complex, forthright and hilarious I think I’d read a lot more in the genre.” 5 star review, Goodreads.


Chick lit meets Lake Wobegon – that is, the men are good-looking and the women are strong…it’s all about getting over yourself with a little help from friends, family, decorative men, running jokes and backbone.” Your Weekend magazine.


“The female characters are all strong women; in that way, the book is an empowering read…fun from the first page to the last.” 
New Zealand Doctor magazine


“What a fascinating bunch of characters Catherine Robertson has created.” 
Oh Baby magazine.


Robertson’s clever dialogue elevates this book.” NZ Herald Canvas magazine.

“Once in a while I happen upon a book that is so mood-lifting, so stonkingly readable and plain fun, that I finish it feeling the urge to surreptitiously drop copies everywhere I go, like a compulsive literary-litterer. When such a book is penned by a Kiwi and therefore just cause for a moment of patriotic pride, it’s all the sweeter…Billed by the publisher as a romantic comedy in the chick-lit genre, The Sweet Second Life of Darrell Kincaid does tick those boxes . . . but I’m reluctant to see it categorized too sternly in case it causes some to pass it by. For it’s hard to see how the book could have been any better, more assured or engaging. Robertson is a new national treasure.
” Stephanie Jones, EasyMix


“Absolutely brilliant…
” Sonja de Friez, Nine to Noon


“Better than Marian Keyes…
” Kerre Woodham, Good Morning, TVNZ


“There are gypsies, hunky tradesmen, haughty upper-class mothers and lots of very good jokes…Robertson’s book will be hailed as a splendid piece of chick lit, which is unfair as that label will deter many who would otherwise enjoy what is a well-written, thoroughly entertaining read.
” Paul Little, North&South magazine.


And from the Random House New Zealand Facebook page – a selection of reviews from a lot of lovely readers!

Catherine White:I finished “The Sweet Second life of Darrell Kincaid” by Catherine Robertson last night and LOVED it! It was an easy read that flowed well, fantastic for a weekend away at the beach. I enjoyed to the kiwi flavour and found myself going through the emotional rollercoaster that was Darrell Kincaid’s life! I love being drawn into a book and losing myself, and it’s been a while since a book has kept me up till 1am.


Andrea Hunt: The Sweet Second life of Darrell Kincaid by Catherine Robertson is a MUST read if you want an easy read filled with ups and downs and laughs. It’s nice to read a book by a Kiwi because we can identify with her characters. I will be recommending this book to friends and others!


Gracie O’Neill:I’ve just finished “The Sweet Second Life of Darrell Kincaid”, Catherine Robertson’s debut novel. It’s a wonderful read full of memorable characters, witty dialogue, heart-wrenching emotion, and some fabulous belly laughs. Ms Robertson has a real gift and I can’t wait for her next book. In the meantime I’m starting on my second time through this one. It’s a keeper.


Mareike Brockmann: 
I have absolutely loved reading this book. Catherine Robertson’s art of writing made me feel as though I personally knew each character, experienced the environment and daily life of Darrell Kincaid and her friends/acquaintances…Through her I met some amazing characters, who have made me laugh and shake my head in disbelief at the same time.
 The hardest thing for me was having to put the book down; I was so absorbed in the book that I dreaded the moment I would have to return to reality. I sincerely hope that Catherine Robertson writes another book and I can once again return to the life of Darrell Kincaid.


Tiffany McNeill Matsis:The plot revolves around Darrell Kincaid, a romance novelist from New Zealand trying to start a new chapter of her life by moving to London. What ensues is a very humorous and clever story of the Chick Lit variety; lots of sex, no shortage of swoon-worthy men, and a cast of wacky characters that kept the pages turning long after I should have stopped reading and started cooking dinner for the kids… A really enjoyable read from a promising new author. After all, you can’t help but enjoy a book where a bunch of uptight, emotionally repressed Brits get to live happily ever-after thanks to a chance meeting with a funny, likeable Kiwi.