The Not So Perfect Life of Mo Lawrence

About the book: This book contains confronting main female characters, more rude words and (kind reviewer again) “clever dialogue”. It’s located where I used to live in the US: Marin County, across the Golden Gate from San Francisco. Michelle, Mo, is Darrell’s best friend from school, and their exchanges in Book 1 give you a clue to her character, namely that she has no fear and no shame. Michelle has always done exactly what she wants and that includes marrying Chad and giving up her career as a corporate lawyer to be mother to two children, toddler Harry (sweet boy) and baby Rosie (spawn of Beelzebub). But her plans gang aft agley when, without warning, Chad takes a job on the other side of the US, and Michelle is forced to build a new life in a place filled with cat-eating coyotes and skinny blonde Moms. On the upside, her new neighbour, Aishe (not blonde), turns out to be the estranged relative of Darrell’s London Gypsy friends. After 14 years, Aishe’s son, Gulliver, now wants to meet his extended family, something his mother determinedly does not want. Enter Benedict, a former British public school boy with a dimly lit past who becomes both tutor to Gulliver and ‘manny’ to Michelle’s two. Benedict would like to get to know Aishe better, but she has spent a lifetime building up defenses that can scorch entire planets to dust. Meanwhile, Michelle is dealing with Chad’s increasing detachment, her old friend Darrell’s escalating personal crisis, and her new friend Connie’s (inexplicable to Michelle) desire to please. For a while, both Aishe and Michelle believe everything’s under their full control, but then Patrick (very tall, sweary Gypsy) swoops into town and the two women find their grip on life’s steering wheel being steadily loosened, finger by reluctant finger.

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Book 1: The Sweet Second Life of Darrell Kincaid

Book 3: The Misplaced Affections of Charlotte Fforbes


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