The Sweet Second Life of Darrell Kincaid

About the book: My first book contains the least challenging female protagonist of the series, rude words, a sex scene that disturbed my friend’s 80 year-old mother and, as one kind reviewer said, “lots of very good jokes”. Main character, Darrell, is feeling cast adrift after the sudden, unexpected death of her husband, Tom. Darrell decides that the only solution is to leave behind her old life and start another, somewhere where she’s not reminded every five seconds of her lost ‘happy ever after’. She ends up in Islington (renting a house that is remarkably like my brother’s first home) and begins to frequent an Italian café (remarkably like the café across the road from my brother’s first home). There she meets the other regulars to whom she gives nicknames: the intimidating, private Big Man, the aggressively New-Age Miss Flaky, and the handsome, posh and uptight Mr Perfect. Darrell is also thrown into the company of the Gypsy family of her landlord, property mogul Patrick (very tall, swears a lot), particularly his cousin, Anselo (normal height, barely says a word), who is renovating Darrell’s rented house. But it’s when she meets Mr Perfect’s brother Marcus (equally handsome and, when it comes to sex, utterly un-uptight) that Darrell’s new life becomes very complicated indeed.

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